SIYAVUYISA TOWNSHIP NETWORKS promotes a better world!

 About Us

Siyavuyisa IT Solutions, is a 100% women owned company, focusing on empowerment of women and the youth in ICT.

Provides connectivity to the masses previously excluded access to equal opportunity, global resource and education that should be a right, not a privilege enabling people to make their own decisions, educate themselves, and create their own futures. 

Utilizing technology as a tool in creating an online market within Township communities facilitates not just increased workforce skills, but fundamentally creates an entire new market of consumers, not just of connectivity, but of e-commerce and media/ advertising consumers, online banking and all modern life functionality. 

 With our planned networks, residents can now gain access to services they have previously only seen on TV. 

Our Work

Through the deployment of WiFi Mesh Networks in the townships, setting up state of the art IT Hubs, computer literacy training programs, Adult Education Training Programs, and video training we aim to bridge the gap between poor schooling and job readiness.

We also connect all the schools together to share resources, on a WAN called school-net with our VIC program. (Virtual Interactive Communications) 

By teaching the women previously not exposed to computers and connectivity to the WWW, we create employment as well as stimulate entrepreneurship.

These women become teachers, who teaches other residents on how to use the services thus creating and expanding our customer base. 

We also offer back-haul for businesses and municipal organizations in the township. 

We will also create WiFi hot spots for residents to connect with their own devices.


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