The Future 

Connectivity in the townships is seriously lacking and a great need exist, which has to be addressed urgently if growth in Economy, Job creation, Reducing crime, Education and Social upliftment is to happen. 

By implementing these networks in the townships, we will change the landscape of telecommunications, and what is expected from it, in the townships forever. It will stimulate more ICT business start-ups and services in the townships, while generating a more ICT skilled workforce and IT Entrepreneurs in future.

With our planned networks residents can now gain access to services they have previously only seen on TV. 

In the past broadband connectivity depended on access to a telephone line ADSL or point to point wireless installation which still only serves one client per installation.

Cellular networks do provide access but on a limited scale at much lower data speeds, and at much higher Data tariffs, which limits the user's experience.

Our network is fast to set up and can span many kilometers in a few weeks’ time, servicing a large market with one fast and cost effective installation (deployment 50% cheaper than other network installations).

With the Cloud we can eventually reach every household, bus stop, or train station, and continue - a phased roll-out until - complete coverage of the townships.

When in the Cloud, while in the streets residents can connect their laptops or Wi-Fi enabled Cell phones to the same network to surf the Internet or make VoIP calls at much lower cost. Free basic computer literacy courses will be provided for beginners as well as advanced computer skills courses, from the IT Hub. This will not only service the need, but also generate new customers, and more revenue.

Ideal Platform for growth in… 

Township Call Centres, Media Design, E-Learning Outsourcing, Mobile Learning, Instructional Design, Learning Game Development, E-Lectures for Adult Education at FET Colleges, Centralized Resource Centers with Remote Learning facilities (main Hub in each City or Town - to accommodate whole grades from various schools) during school holidays. Online lessons for Rural Schools. Online Clinics,  E-Diagnostics, E-Medicine.

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