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 What is Wireless Mesh Network?

A Wireless Mesh Network is created by a grid of wireless radios, known as Nodes and Access Points. 

Nodes contain radios that communicate with each other transporting Voice and Data traffic to and from nearby nodes wirelessly, while Video surveillance is streamed through the Mesh Network, to a designated Control room for monitoring. As soon as the nodes are deployed and operational they create a 360 degrees Wireless Zone (cloud), enabling any Wi-Fi device connectivity. Access Points provides access to the Internet. 

Wireless Mesh architecture is an ideal solution for creating cost-effective, reliable Municipal Wi-Fi Mesh networks that scale to support whole metropolitan areas, including services to local Businesses, Schools Campuses, Traffic Corridors, and Neighborhoods.

How does Wireless Mesh network work?

Each Node is intelligently managed and self-heals and self-tunes to carry Video, Voice and Data traffic most efficiently. If one Node breaks down, the next Node take the relay and re-direct the traffic to the nearest active Node, and an alarm notification will be sent to the server for technicians to attend to the breakdown immediately.

Complete Wireless Communications over long distances and large areas can provide 100% reach-ability & mobility of broadband services. Mobile users can continuously access broadband services as they move throughout the coverage area.

Mesh Technology can also be utilized for Broadband optimization, linking numerous Corporate Offices to save on VoIP calls, Back haul up to 400Mbps and much more.


Internet Connectivity – Wi-Fi Cloud and WiFi Hot spots will enable any resident with a Wi-Fi enabled device to connect to the network.

Wi-Fi – Hot Spot - This will be enabled by the Solar Wi-Fi Streetlights

IT HUB: – will provide access at 50 computer stations and other admin VAS (see below)

VAS (value added services): Email, Fax, Photo copies, scanning of documents for email or print, Photo Printing from Cell phones, flash drives or memory cards, Typing of CV’s, electricity sales point, Voice over IP phone calls, CD/DVD writing, courier services, workshops, seminars, and free introductory computer classes, more advanced computer skills programs which will be provided at a fee. Training and Small Business facilitation.

Voice over IP – phone calls through the internet at IT Hub, as well as residents with Wi-Fi enabled cell phones, can make VoIP phone calls over our network for lower cost than cellular charges.

Wireless Backhaul – back haul links and bandwidth provision to existing businesses in the township.

Wireless CCTV – the wireless mesh network stream Video Surveillance from crime hot spots to a central control room, at the nearby Police Station. Mobile CCTV can be streamed from moving Police or Patrol vehicles to a control room while driving. A LCD screen in the vehicle can enable officers to view CCTV footage from any place in the township.

Future Services: Gaming Zones, VOD (Video on demand), online content, online entrepreneurial courses,, online Adult Education Programs. School link-up Virtual Education through Video Conferencing and White boards would be enabled through wireless link-up of all the schools for Remote Teaching, Remote Revision of recorded lessons, and Sharing resources with more affluent schools.

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