WiFi Network: We bring broadband connectivity to townships through a WiFi Mesh Network (creating a cloud of connectivity- much like a cellular cloud) Township residents can connect with WiFi enabled cell phones, laptops and PDAs. A multitude of services can be added onto the same network which will be beneficial in the end. (Internet, CCTV, Voice over IP phone calls, Inter-Connect Schools for Virtual Interactive Communication to share resources with more affluent schools, remote or online learning, and revision of recorded lessons).

Solar WiFi Streetlight: Through this unique invention, we are able to deploy fast cost-effective networks for rural areas to combat crime. We install a Streetlight LED, Solar Panel, Pole, Battery Box and WiFi radio attached to the streetlight. Attached to the intelligent streetlight we install Cameras (Fixed or PTZ) for video surveillance. This video surveillance is streamed to a central control room for monitoring. We can also provide training for MK Veterans to become the guards to monitor the footage. This creates employment in rural areas.

Technology Hubs:  to be set up to enable access to 50 computers as well as multiple admin services lacking in the area currently. The IT Hub will also double as a training Center as computers that are not occupied by paying customers, will be allocated for training. The value added services will generate additional revenue.  Workshops, Training Courses and Seminars will be held at the same venue.

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