Our Objectives:

 Opportunities never even imagined in townships

Services Provided: Email, photocopy, fax, scan, typing, photography and printing of photos, CD’s and DVD’s burning, laminating, binding, stationary printing services, Projector & Screen, Voice over IP Phone calls, workshops, lectures, Seminars, computer skills courses, web design courses, photography courses, courier services – local, national, international, business services and connectivity. Low cost Laptops / PDA’s will be for sale to residents to enable every resident to own at least one computer per household.

Women, youth, Veterans: not previously exposed to computers, receive free introductory computer skills training, as well as cost effective intermediate and advanced courses. Once the women are trained, they train new customers to help them overcome the fear of the unknown, while they will learn computer skills in their own mother tongue. Internships will create employment for the trained women, in revolving positions to ensure they get to know all the aspects of running a business while we mentor and prepare them to become qualified to duplicate our business model in other parts of the township, by opening up their own small businesses providing similar services. (In short: We train - then employ the women – and then assist entrepreneurial women to become self-sustainable business owners- who will employ more women).

Employment: For each IT Hub we employ a permanent Manager, Technician, and two assistants (5 TOTAL) to ensure the running of a professional well managed sustainable organization - (All women from the local township). Unemployed women from the township will also be able to earn commission on services sold (airtime for Voice and internet connectivity etc.) Graduates will be employed as Interns, earning while learning, and will be deployed to assist in the smooth launching of new start-ups. 

Youth: will receive free introductory computer skills courses. We are planning to link all Schools Wirelessly to facilitate e-learning, Remote teaching and sharing resources with more affluent schools. We already have a full Virtual Interactive Communication (VIC) solution ready, and have successfully been tested in a proof of concept in Tembisa Gauteng, which impressed some GSM operators and banks.  Access to school children will be provided at special rates to do research and school projects. Bursaries will be offered to students who want to follow a career in ICT.

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